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Day of Pink + WE Are Silent (with Bake Sale)

Day of Pink (Wednesday, April 10th)

April 10th is International Day of Pink, where students and educators across the country will come together to raise awareness to end bullying. Students and staff are encouraged to wear pink, and to participate in anti-bullying related activities & discussions.

For more information visit:

WE Are Silent Fundraiser (Thursday, April 11th)

Me to We club is inviting all staff and students to participate in We Are Silent on April 11th - a campaign run to bring awareness to those around the world who remain silenced and who are fighting for their basic human rights. Students and staff are encouraged to participate in a "vow of silence" and/or activities to further discuss Human Rights challenges faced by young people across the globe everyday.

*Me to We will also be hosting a bake sale in the cafeteria at lunch time (11:45-12:05) as a fundraiser for We Are Silent. Students are encouraged to bring in (nut free) baked goods to add to the sale. All proceeds will go toward the WE Villages Education Pillar of Impact, while any left-over items will be donated to a local food shelter.

For more information visit:

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