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Welcome to Heritage Academy


P.Miller, Principal

Meet Our Teachers

Shannon Queen Website Photo.JPG
Mr. Andrew Dunne

Grade 8D

Ms. Shannon Queen
Ms. Sarah Morrison

Grade 1-8 Support (Grade 9 French)



Meet Our Secondary Educators

Mr. Dylan Graves

Secondary Teacher


Check out what Mr. Graves is up to:

Ms. Melissa Hutter

Secondary Teacher

For more information about Ms. Hutter's classroom please visit her website:

Mr. Danny Morawski

Secondary Teacher

Department Head: Technology

Mr. Phillip Jones

Secondary Teacher

Math and Technology

Mr. Philip Joly
Ms. Maryanne Lewis

Secondary Teacher

Ms. Morgan MacInnis

Secondary Teacher

As you scroll through the pages of our site you will get a glimpse of our strength, inclusive environments and innovative differentiated teaching methods. 

Heritage Academy has been a leading Private school in the Ottawa area for 25 years. It offers a variety of teaching methods to connect to all learners with a multitude of abilities and interests. Our aim is to provide a comfortable environment that motivates all students to reach their full potential. We are a community-centric environment centered around the collaboration of the students, parents and educators.


Our experienced and dedicated educators - guide, coach and educate each student while equipping them with the tools to navigate despite their learning challenges. With the abundance of learning opportunities that are offered by our educators and the additional support tools offered - we provide our students with the chance to explore, experience, learn, find their strengths and to become the very best person they can.


Of course our website can not take the place of a visit to our school. We warmly invite you to contact us today for more information and/or to set up a time to take a tour and learn more. 



Ms. Cheryl Ward & Mr. Nathan Boersma


Meet Our Elementary Educators

Patti Jane website photo.jpg
Sarah Wade Website Picture_edited_edited.png
Caileigh MacDonald website picture.jpeg
Ms. Patti-Jane Stanley
Ms. Sarah Wade
Ms. Caileigh MacDonald
Carolyn Eagles.jpg
Ms. Carolyn Eagles
Yaxuan Li Website Photo.JPG
Ms. Yaxuan Li


Grade 1-8 Support

Alex ct.jpg
Mr. Alex Cox-Twardowski
Mr. Aaron Clark

Grade 7


Photo - Carissa Poulin_edited.jpg
Ms. Carissa Poulin
Sarah Foster_edited.jpg
Ms. Sarah Foster

Grade 8F


Meet Our Support Educators

Ms. Melanie Masson
Mr. Adrian Nash
Mr. Mike Lance

S.M.T Director

Jiu Jitsu Sensei

Emma Philebrown.jpg
Ms. Emma Philebrown

Educational Assistant

Gabbby Website Photo  - Cropped.jpg
Ms. Gabriela Henriquez-Johnston
Ms. Alexa Irwin

Classroom Support

Ms. Morgan McKendry

Director of Student Services

Maya K.jpg
Ms. Maya Koyfman
2018 picture.jpg
Ms. Rebecca Moore


Educational Assistant

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