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Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching 
S.M.T Program

The Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching method (S.M.T.), based on the Orton Gillingham system, is a language re-education method developed to meet the needs of students of all ages, who need a more thorough knowledge of the structure of written language, and a solid understanding of the association of sounds and symbols, before learning how to apply the concepts and rules of written language.


The objective of the S.M.T. method is to teach reading, writing and spelling, with an emphasis on reading accuracy in the early stages, followed by thorough comprehension of written language and its structures. The material is presented in short sequential steps to help students develop self-confidence. Students progress at their own pace.


To be of practical use by most teachers and parents, this method entails detailed lesson plans that outline the pedagogical objectives and expected outcomes for each step. The manual includes explanatory notes on the causes and effects of dyslexia to give teachers insight into the dyslexic person’s perspective. S.M.T. differs from other multisensory teaching approaches. It incorporates the development of phonologic and phonemic awareness in the following learning techniques and strategies:

  • visual and auditory discrimination

  • bimanual reading in Braille dots to develop a “tactile vision”

  • direct teaching of non-image words

  • an emphasis on diction

  • the etymology of English words

For more information on Dyslexia, S.M.T and the benefits of cursive please click below:

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