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Public Consultation Regarding Education 2018

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The Ontario government has launched a process of unprecedented public consultations regarding education. Independent school supporters are keenly interested in what is best for the education system in our province, and government representatives have repeatedly said that they want the feedback, ideas and contributions of those who support independent schools. Let’s be part of this conversation!

We are encouraging you to give your feedback in one or more of the three ways that have been made available: 1) a written submission, 2) participation in a Telephone Townhall, and 3) by completing an online survey. You can find information about all three at this website

What should you consider submitting? Any feedback that reflects your thoughts and opinions is perfectly legitimate. We would encourage you to keep these three principles in mind:

A) Parents are important, key partners in the education system. They have a critical role and important responsibilities for their children’s education.

B) Independent schools are good for Ontario. Diversity in approaches to schooling, and choices for parents will strengthen the entire educational system.

C) Students with special needs deserve to have the support and services they need follow them to whatever school they attend.

The online survey itself involves some key areas in which the government is seeking your input. Keep the three principles mentioned above in mind. Don’t attack other approaches to education, just put forward positive ideas.

Once you have completed the online survey, you will see a link for written submissions. Here you can share a little more of your ideas. Are there specific ideas you might consider bringing forward? We hope you will reinforce the three principles mentioned above. We have also attached a document that goes into more detail about the questions asked and how you might respond. Please make use of it!

Again, if you believe that independent schools and their teachers can be part of a vibrant, positive Ontario education scene, encourage the government to really see them as partners and contributors.

Civic engagement is an important responsibility! Please consider going to this website now – – and play your part in this important consultation.

Thank you for taking the time to review this matter! Your opinion matters!!

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