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Community Support / Partners


We want to help you understand dyslexia, get assessed and if necessary to find tutors, programs or schools that can help, regardless of which kind of program it is—because that is the kind of help we needed when we started out. There just isn't one magic bullet for every person; your solution needs to be tailored to your needs. We want help you find it.
We will, and do, review and recommend for and against certain programs, products, assessors and schools. We do this based on strict criteria including the consensus of existing independent science based research, the opinions of leading experts that we've come to trust and in many cases, feedback from people like you and of course, our personal experience.


Gianna Colizza who is an associate with Emerging Minds will be working with students who struggle both academically and/or behaviorally. She will work one on one with your child in a 45-minute session depending on what the needs are for your child.  Support may include a place to talk about struggles your child is having, putting organizational structures in places alongside helping with executive functioning, support with anxiety and teaching strategies to help your child, alongside much more. She can also set up sessions with parents to discuss your child's progress. 
You can read more about her on the Emerging Minds website or her personal website (


The Possibilities Clinic offers evidence-based medical, coaching, and therapy services to individuals across the lifespan. We are specialists—not generalists—with expertise in Neurodevelopmental Disorders across the lifespan, including ADD/ADHD and disorders that typically coexist with attention differences like Tourette Syndrome, Anxiety Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Learning Disabilities. We strive to create exciting, inspiring, and sustainable possibilities for our clients. We don’t focus on plans to “just get by” or to build skills that are “just good enough.” We leverage science and expertise to secure victories throughout the lifespan as challenges and opportunities arise.
When we do that, we move our clients
closer to fulfilled potential—and we help increase that potential, too.


The team at Speech-Language Ottawa offers a wide variety of speech and language therapies to assist your child further in their literacy skills, social skills, language development, articulation, or fluency.

These sessions are offered on location at the school or at home. 

For further information about fees and setting up a schedule please get in touch with Lauren directly.


We are passionate about helping families! We provide appropriate reading and spelling remediation in a caring and supportive environment, tailoring our lessons to meet each student’s own pace. We continually assess for mastery of the material to ensure the continued success of the student.


Early ABA.png

Early Learning ABA  provides children with or without a diagnosis (Ages 2-14) and their families with a resourceful environment to meet their individual needs. We believe by using applied behaviour analysis and educational strategies to support the overall quality of the life of each child, while treating them with compassion, dignity and respect. Our programs include: Kindergarten Preparation Program, School Age Program, Social Skills Groups and 1:1 ABA Therapy.


Expanding Horizons Occupational Therapy (EHOT) provides services to children onsite at Heritage Academy, at a child’s home or at our clinic. EHOT uses evidence based practice while utilizing a hands-on, activity based approach to fully engage children. EHOT values a holistic approach that focuses on developing positive mental and physical health while building skills that will help children succeed at school and in everyday life. For further information regarding scheduling and fees please contact Expanding Horizons Occupational Therapy directly.

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