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At Heritage Academy we work with students who have a variety of learning exceptionalities.  Each student presents unique challenges that are supported through the development of an educational accommodation plan tailored to their needs.  Following an educational accommodation plan ensures student’s success regardless of the learning differences they display within the classroom.


When a student is given proper support to accommodate their learning differences, and are encouraged in their areas of strength, they are able to build confidence in their abilities and see great academic success.


Students can often display symptoms of anxiety, defiance, or opposition to the teacher in class when their learning needs are not met.  Our inclusive approach creates a safe learning environment that supports these core challenges, reducing these behaviour issues.


Our staff have a deep understanding of how to work with a variety of learning exceptionalities and will ensure we use the best techniques to support your child.

Elementary Program: Grades 1-8

The elementary curriculum has been developed according to the requirements of the Ontario curriculum.  At Heritage Academy we recognize that every student deserves the opportunity to learn.  We focus our instruction and assessment on each individual student’s learning styles.


Within the Curriculum Guidelines, Heritage Academy also focuses on the following within the core subjects:


The Language curriculum helps to develop the student’s skills in written expression: moving from sentence building to the basic paragraph to essay form. With the combination of both the SMT program and the Ontario Curriculum, students focus on grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, proofreading, literature evaluation, and oral expression. Students also acquire keyboarding skills to help them develop their own written assignments using the computer.

Science& Technology

The Science & Technolgy curriculum develops students ability to relate science and technology to society and the environment, to develop the skills, strategies, and habits of mind required for scientific inquiry and technological problem solving and to understand the basic concepts of science and technology. These skills are developed through curriculum content at an age-appropriate level.

The Arts

The Arts curriculum will aid students in gaining an appreciation of the great importance of the arts as sources of enjoyment and as means of communication in cultures around the world.  Students will explore the arts while working on their sensory, cognitive, emotional, and motor capacities.

Geography/Social Studies/History

These core classes develop study skills in note-taking, researching information, working from summaries to a completed project, preparing for exams, and making knowledge workable through written expression. These skills are developed through curriculum content at an age-appropriate level.


The Mathematics curriculum focuses on teaching skills in the areas of basic concepts, operations, and applications. Heritage Academy also focuses on the following seven processes (as outlined by the Ontario Curriculum):  problem solving, reasoning and proving, reflecting, selecting tools and computational strategies, connecting, representing, and communicating

Health & Physical Education

The Health & Physical Education curriculum focuses on  building skills within various sports as well as: equity and fair play, respect for diversity, sensitivity and respect for individual requirements and needs, and good health and well-being (as outlined by the Ontario Curriculum).

Secondary Curriculum: Grade 9 to Grade 12 

*Heritage Academy follows the Ministry of Education of Ontario curriculum.


In order to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) under OSS, a student entering Grade 9 must:


  • Successfully complete the provincial secondary school literacy test.

  • Earn 18 compulsory credits;

  • Earn 12 optional credits;

  • Complete 40 hours of community involvement activities


The combination of compulsory and optional courses is designed to provide all students with the essential knowledge and skills they will need to function effectively in any area of activity, as well as the opportunities to acquire the specialized knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in their chosen postsecondary endeavours.


Compulsory Credits:  18 credits


  • English  (4)

  • French as a Second Language   (1)

  • Mathematics (at least 1 credit in Grade 11 or 12)   ( 3)

  • Science   (2)

  • Canadian Geography   (1)

  • Canadian History   (1)

  • Arts   (1)

  • Physical and Health Education   (1)

  • Civics   (.5)

  • Career Studies   (.5)




  • English, or a third language, or Social Sciences and the Humanities, or Canadian and World Studies   (1)

  • Health and Physical Education, or Arts, or Business Studies   (1)

  • Science (Grade 11 or 12), or Technological Education (Grades 9-12)  (1)


Optional Credits: 


  • Students MUST also earn 12 optional credits.

  • Students may earn these credits by successfully completing courses that they have selected from the courses listed as available in the school course calendar.


A range of courses are available to choose from for all students in grades 9 to 12. Please click below to download a copy of the course selections and their corresponding outlines for the 2023/2024 school year.

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