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WE Walk for Water

As part of our ongoing movement with the Me to WE club, Heritage Academy has decided to organize a "WE Walk for Water". Being our first time doing so, this walk is to inspire positive change on global water issues and take steps to make a difference for communities living without safe drinking water. For more information about this initiative: Students, with a weighted backpack, will walk a predetermined 5 km route from Heritage Academy towards Dow's Lake and back. To represent the jerry cans of water that women and men bring back to their families, students will be given the choice to walk with 5lbs, 10lbs or 20lbs. Parents & guardians are kindly asked to help with pre-filling their child’s backpack with an appropriate amount of weight to send on the day of our walk. There will be tables stationed along the way for rest and encouragement.

Students who have donated will be permitted to wear a blue school appropriate t-shirt for the entirety of the day! Our Goal: For each class, as a whole, to raise $25.00 (That’s what it costs to give one person clean water for life!) All donations can be brought into the school and given to homeroom teachers for collection.

When: This 5 kilometer walk will take place on Monday, June 11th.

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