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From Dismantling Computers to Experimenting With Fluids & Flow

Ms. Skeen and her students conducted Indy 500mm Time Trials as part of their unit on Fluids. The Fluid Flow lab was designed to help them answer two important questions relating to fluids: #1 What factors affect the flow rate of a fluid? #2 How are viscosity and flow rate connected? Through their observation and experimentation they were able to determine the flow rate and compare the viscosity of different liquids.

Ms. Carr and her students students in Exploring Technologies had the opportunity to take apart computers in class today! They were provided with screwdrivers and other miscellaneous tools as they participated in self-directed learning about the different components of a typical computer. This hands-on activity allowed students to explore how computers are put together, and take a few guesses as to what each part might be. Following this students will conduct guided research on computer hardware, and ultimately develop an appreciation for all that goes in to building a typical computer.

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