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Jiu Jitsu at Heritage Academy

The Jiu Jitsu program at Heritage is truly an asset to our school community. Sensei Jones and Sensei Mike have built a program from the ground up that provides an environment for our students to experience individual achievement, purpose, goal attainment and drive persistence. The Heritage Academy Jiu Jitsu program has managed to bring individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life together to achieve greatness and growth. One can not truly measure the reach of this program as it has impressed it's values of respect, healthy living and positivity, upon every aspect of a student's life.

Recently we received an e-mail from a parent of a former student who attended Heritage Academy and participated in our Jiu Jitsu program for many years. This is what the parent wanted to share with us all:

I am taking this time to update you on my daughters Jiu Jitsu journey that began at Heritage Academy in the Spring of 2012. After re-integrating into the public school system post completing the 10th grade at Heritage Academy, she continued to enthusiastically train at 100 Percent Martial Arts under where she has made many friends while working out at the dojo.

She has just recently participated in the testing for her black belt exam. It was a grueling 4 hour session where she needed to display her skills in the following categories:

  • Holds

  • Throws

  • Striking

  • Self defence

  • Weapons

  • Grappling

I am happy to announce that she was presented with her black belt during a ceremony following a special demonstration at her dojo’s Masters Summit.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Heritage Academy for the overall help provided to her in:

  • Removing the stigma associated with dyslexia

  • Encouraging her enjoyment to learn

  • Building her confidence to read

  • For starting the Jiu Jitsu program

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