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Mazzola At Heritage is BACK!

A Message from Mazzola (please scroll down for their October menu):

Mazzola is a family owned business that has been serving hot lunches since 1993. For over twenty years, we have been dedicated to the preparation and delivery of meals for students in the region. We began when our children were in elementary school, and continue to operate with the same passion today!

Making sure that your child eats well is important to us. We also know that every child has different tastes and needs. That is why we offer three menu options. Menus 1 and 2 are complete meals. Menu 3 is a lighter option, which we recommend that you supplement with some fruit or a yogurt from home. In addition, although none of our products contain nuts or peanuts, we offer meals specifically tailored for children with allergies. Menu ZZ1 does not contain gluten, and Menu ZZ2 does not contain eggs, milk products or gluten.

All of our meals are prepared and served in individual containers on the day of delivery without adding any preservatives! Heritage Academy makes a profit from each meal sold. For the 2015-2016 school year the school received $ 1426.25.

Placing an order is simple, fast, and safe! It can be done on our website at throughout the month. You can also pay by credit card or cheque before the beginning of the month. In case you require a last minute order, for a small additional charge, we accept orders up to 7 a.m. of the day of delivery.

If you have ordered a meal, and your child will be absent from school, you can cancel your order before 9 a.m. either through our web site, or by leaving us a message stating the name of the child, of the school, the class and the day for which you are cancelling the meal. You will have a credit for a future meal. If you do not cancel the meal, no credit will be possible. It is the parents' responsibility to use their credits.

We are interested in knowing what you think! If you have any comment or suggestions, or even just want to send us your favourite recipe, please contact us at

Looking forward to serving you!

Mazzola Enterprises

*Please Note: The prices reflect a slight increase to help Heritage Academy reach their fundraising goals.

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