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Interactive Teaching With Ms. Sun

The newest addition to our Heritage Academy staff, Ms. Carrie Sun, is already dazzling her students with a variety of learning activities. No matter the subject matter or grade level, Ms. Sun has truly grasped the objectives of our teaching philosophies at Heritage and is embracing differentiated methods to help reach all of the individuals in her classroom.

In Grade 12 Calculus, Ms. Sun and her students are seen here using the power of their mouth to learn about calculus principles with lollipops.

Ms. Sun's Learning Strategies Grade 9 class her students participated in a variety of group activities, including making their Ideal Study Room, brainstorming their Goals, presenting various teaching styles, and embarking on a Scavenger Hunt to learn how to read various graphs.

Ms. Sun also invited in a local Chef, Mr. James Fair to work with her Grade 9 Food and Nutrition class. Mr. Fair led the students in a pasta sauce demonstration and followed up with a Pretzel making food lab.

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