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Google Read & Write Updates

Last year we started our venture into the world of Chromebooks with a focus on the Google Read & Write program. We saw Google Read & Write as an accessible program that could potentially help our students with their academic success. We are still utilizing the program this year in our classrooms and having your student use it at home as well will truly aid them in their learning process.

Here are some links to explore this wonderful program further:


Below are some exciting updates that the Read & Write program is just announcing:

What’s new in Read&Write for Google Chrome™ ?

Read&Write for Google Chrome has some exciting new features in the works, including:

  1. Screenshot Reader - For reading inaccessible text, images, Google Slides and more

  2. Speech Input on the web - Now you can dictate into online forms, text boxes, and more

  3. Speech Input in Google Docs now uses Google’s Voice Typing

  4. Localized Spanish Support - Use Read&Write in Spanish in Google Docs, PDFs and on the web

When will it all be ready?

We’ll be rolling these out over the next week or so.

You may see the new Screenshot Reader icon on your toolbar (see below), stay tuned and we’ll have it ready and working shortly.


If you have any further questions about the program, please feel free to reach out to me:

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