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Mazzola is Back!

Good Afternoon Parents/Guardians,

We are bringing our Mazzola lunch program back to the school again this year starting next week! Please see the attached form with all of the information pertaining to this wonderful program. This program only takes place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Each month there will be a new menu that will be posted online on our website, the Mazzola website, our school Facebook and our school Twitter account (all of these links can be found below in my signature block). The new menu's each month will NOT be e-mailed to parents/guardians directly.

If you have ordered a Mazzola lunch for your child but your child is absent, we will keep the lunch in our staff room fridge only until the next day at lunch following this it will be disposed of (we don't want upset tummy's!).

For questions pertaining to the menu or payments please contact Mazzola directly.

In addition, please note that the price reflects a slight increase to allow us to continue to meet our fundraising goals! The more lunches purchased, the more items we get to purchase to enhance our learning environment which in turn helps all of our students succeed!

Thank you so much for your support and have a wonderful Friday!

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