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Summer School Information

Summer Athletic Camps (July 5th through July 30th)

We are looking at offering 2 two-week summer athletics camps for students enrolled in the school. For further details, please email the school.

Individual Tutoring (July 5th through August 27th)

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, we will only be offering limited 1 to 1 tutoring options for students enrolled in the school. 

Students in Grade 1 through 9 will have the opportunity to work 1 to 1 with a teacher in the areas listed below;



All elementary level courses. 



- Organizational/formatting skills

- Note taking skills

- Time Management/Planning 

- Reading Comprehension

- Listening Skills  

- Vocabulary expansion



Sessions would be 1 hour in length via Zoom. 

Available from 9:00am to 3:30pm.

Minimum of 10 sessions, no set Maximum. 



The rate per sessions would be $45/hour.


If you would be interested in signing your child up for online summer tutoring sessions, please complete and submit the attached registration form. 

The school will confirm if spaces are still available. 

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