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A Heartfelt Letter To Our Amazing Sensei's

A heartfelt e-mail was recently sent to our AMAZING SENSEI'S - Mr. Mike Lance and Mr. Phillip Jones, from a fabulous future student's parents.

Hello Ben's former educators! (and Sensei!)

I wanted to pass this on you, because Heritage Academy was such an instrumental piece of Ben's development and maturation. He has transitioned very well to the new school in Winnipeg. Both his report cards were exceptional so far; while he gets extra time to finish his English and Social Studies exams, his average this year is about 95%. His current school, St Charles Catholic School is an independent school because Catholic education is not fully subsidized in Manitoba. His teachers are very impressed with his work; he works very hard on his studies and is excited to move on to the challenges of high school next year!

On Saturday, April 8th he competed in the Regional Math Stars competition with teammates (grade 8 students), and their team was 3rd place in the regional competition. We have just been informed his team will move on to the National competition next month! What a blessing!

Ben continues to do Jiu Jitsu 3 times a week, in a small, non- competitive dojo. He is training with mostly adults, and continues to enjoy it.

In the five years he spent at Heritage Academy, he developed the reading skills and confidence he needed to succeed, and we are very grateful he had teachers like you that cared so much about him, and edged him on. I believe he would not be where he is today without the SMT program, and the relationship that Mike and Phil built with him. While many of his past teachers have moved on from the school, their contribution is also appreciated.

Please let Heritage Academy continue to be a light beam for students with reading frustrations!

Shelley Timmons

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