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Hockey Tournament Update #3

Good Morning Heritage Family and Friends!

We have had a couple more items donated for our raffle. Please check out the updates in the charts below.



1 ticket for 1$

3 tickets for 2$

10 tickets for 5$

When and Where to Purchase Your Raffle Tickets:

  1. Everyday: In the small gym, from Mr. Mike, between 7:30am-8:15am

  2. Everyday: From Mike, in Mr. Mike’s room (room beside the Blue room, in the Senior Hall) or during lunch in cafeteria

*We will be selling Raffle tickets up to and including the day of the tournament. Winners will be chosen the following week and will receive their prizes within that week.


To place a Auction bid:

1. Fill in your name and bid directly on the posters in our small gym (located on the east wall on brightly coloured paper).

2. E-mail Mr. Mike Lance at:

*We will be accepting bids up to and including the day of the tournament. The following week the winners will be announced. All auction activities will be completed within the remainder of this school year unless otherwise noted by the activity coordinator.


How Can You Help?

Donate: We are still accepting items to add to our auction and raffle!

Bake: On the day of the event we would like to sell baked goods to the students, families and staff. If you are interested in baking for our event please contact Mr. Mike Lance (

Cheerleaders: All families and friends are invited to come in and enjoy the tournament with us! Come cheer on our athletes, enjoy a BBQ lunch (burgers, hot dogs and drinks will be available for purchase), snack on some baked goods (available for purchase), purchase some raffle tickets and/or bid on an auction item.


Thank you again to everyone for your support!

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