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Fundscrip 2016/2017

Heritage Academy is excited to announce that we are pursuing a new fundraising avenue called Fundscrip!

When you pay with gift cards bought from Fundscrip instead of cash/debit/credit for your everyday expenses and gifts, each purchase generates earnings for our H.A. School Fundraising campaign. Shop as you normally would from over 190 leading retailers, including gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, home improvement stores, restaurants, clothing stores, among many others and help Heritage Academy achieve our fundraising goals. All the gift cards come from the retailers themselves so you can be certain they’ll be accepted when you use them and you’ll always receive the full face value of the gift cards purchased.

How to support our H.A. School Fundraising campaign:

Follow the link -, place and pay for your order on the Fundscrip website, and the orders will be shipped directly to your address. Feel free to share the invitation code 83X42J with friends and family so we can increase our fundraising potential.

Please direct any questions you have to Mrs. Carly Skeen (H.A. Resource and Junior Lead Teacher):

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