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A Morning with a Musician

Last Friday, February 26th, our students got the opportunity to be led in a musical workshop by the Juno-Award winning artist, Mr. Craig Cardiff.

Mr. McConnery, our Grade 7 educator gives us a snapshot of what the workshop was like for everyone involved:

"The students sat on the stage, and Craig introduced himself (and his guitar) with a couple of his songs, giving the students participatory vocals. Once the students were familiar with the song they brainstormed as to it's meaning and really had some great impressive ideas. They decided the song was about belonging, and being loved- which was the intent and we all sang a lovely song about love. After a break, we brainstormed what Heritage meant to us, and broke up into groups to brainstorm lyrical ideas that fit under umbrellas of love/belonging- each group had an entirely different approach. At the end of the brainstorm, Craig sat with each group and turned the lyrics into an original song based on their lyrics and musical ideas. With a great mix of results, the students were all very excited to see their words come to life. It was a very worthwhile event- and Craig was exceptionally patient and warm with the group. He both entertained and taught us!"

Thank you again Mr. Cardiff for sharing your gift and time with us at Heritage Academy. We can't wait to have you back!

For more information about this outstanding artist please visit his website:

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