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Established in 1989, Heritage Academy is an Ontario Inspected Private school

specifically designed for students with Dyslexia and other language based exceptionalities.


Our specialized environments and smaller class sizes also prove effective for students with ADD/ADHD, anxiety and attention-based exceptionalities.


Our mission is to provide each student with the support they deserve to enable them to reach their full academic potential. By promoting the values of honesty, perseverance, and respect,

Heritage Academy fosters acceptance and growth among our students.

Ranked the top private school in Ottawa in 2023, our school offers the Ministry of Ontario curriculum with engaging and hands-on approaches.

We utilize the Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching (S.M.T.) method for students that struggle with phonemic awareness, as well as the Heggerty program with students in grades primary grades
–meaning all students with language-based challenges receive the support they need. 


Internationally recognized as leaders in the field of dyslexia, our school utilizes a

multifaceted approach that nurtures creativity, promotes physical
well-being, and integrates additional support when required.


This approach ensures students are well-prepared for success as they progress through their educational journey, transitioning from elementary school to high school.


This solid foundation equips students to confidently pursue their desired post-secondary paths.

What sets Heritage apart
from other schools?

Discover what makes us unique and explore our specialized environment through our documentary and video testimonials.

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Parent's Perspective of
Heritage Academy

Student's Perspective of
Heritage Academy

Student's Perspective of
Heritage Academy

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