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Autism Speaks

Good Morning,

Autism Speaks Canada is putting on a fundraiser walk to raise money for research, collaboration, services and awareness of autism spectrum disorder. Autism Speaks is the world’s leading autism science organization and their mission is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorder.

Heritage Academy has signed up as team for the fundraising walk. Teachers, family, students, and anyone else who would like to walk with us are welcome to join! The walk takes place on Sunday, June 4th at the Bell Sensplex in Kanata.

Our HA team goal is to raise $1500! If you would like to donate to our team, please click on the link below to donate online or you can always fill out a pledge form which will be handed out to participants shortly.

If you have any questions about the walk here is a link to the Autism Speaks Canada website:

If you would like to join the HA team here is a link to our team fundraising page:

My name is Ms. Madison and I will be Heritage Academy’s team captain! If you have any questions about our team please feel free to email me (

This is an amazing opportunity for Heritage to grow as a community, collaborate together and show our school spirit while raising awareness/money for a great cause!

Autism speaks and we’re here to listen!

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