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Experiential and Hands-On Learning At It's Best

This week at Heritage we have the pleasure of utilizing two programs to provide our students with the enriching opportunity of learning with hands-on materials and through experience.

Firstly, the Giant Floor Map arrived to us from Canadian Geographic. This is a great tool that we have reserved for the past 3 years. Canadian Geographic not only provides the map for free via a reservation but also interactive lessons and activities. This is such a great learning tool and can be applied to all subject areas and for all grades! Thus far our Grade 8 class learned about water sheds in Canada and water as a source of power.

Today, the Rocks and Rings program ( arrived. The Curling Canada Rocks & Rings program is designed to introduce the Olympic sport of curling to children. By bringing the curling rink to the school gym we reach children that would otherwise not have access to the roaring game. Already our halls are filled with the sounds of "Hurry Hard" and "Sweep"!

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