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Lauren Barlow, M. H. Sc., S-LP (c)

Speech-Language Ottawa

Website: www.speech-languageottawa.com

E-mail: lauren@speechlanguageottawa.com

Phone: 613-799-1434

The team at Speech-Language Ottawa offer a wide variety of speech and language therapies to assist your child further in their literacy skills, social skills, language development, articulation or fluency. These sessions are offered on location at the school or at home. 

For further information about fees and setting up a schedule please contact Lauren directly.

Occupational Therapy




Meghan Topolnisky, B.A., MScOT REG (Ont.)


Expanding Horizons

Website: ExpandingHorizonsOT.com

Email Contact: expandinghorizons@gmail.com

Phone: 613-897-4820

Expanding Horizons Occupational Therapy (EHOT) provides services to children onsite at Heritage Academy, at a child’s home or at our clinic. EHOT uses evidence based practice while utilizing a hands-on, activity based approach to fully engage children. EHOT values a holistic approach that focuses on developing positive mental and physical health while building skills that will help children succeed at school and in everyday life. For further information regarding scheduling and fees please contact Expanding Horizons Occupational Therapy directly.

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